How to Clean Coins

We are often asked how to clean coins, we recommend that you do not! Coins are very fragile, and can very easily be damaged. Cleaning the coin will not increase its value, it is more likely to spoil the coin then improve it.

If you keep your gold and silver coins in a protective barrier like a plastic case or coin capsule, then you need not worry about keeping them clean. However, if for whatever reason your coins show tarnish, dirt, or any other superficial wear and tear, then there are several ways to get them clean if you feel you really must.

The easiest one that you can do in your own home is to first of all, place a large bowl on a flat surface. Then, get some aluminum foil, fold it, and fit it into the bowl. Then, fill the bowl with hot water. The hotter that the water is, the better; this is because heat increases the speed and intensity at which chemical reactions take place. Now, take some baking soda and sprinkle that in hot water. Finally, add some table salt. Now, take the coins that you wish to untarnished and submerge them in the solution. Leave them there for a little while and look until all of the tarnish is gone, then flip a coin over so that all of the coin is exposed to the cleaning solution. Only the tarnish is removed; the valuable silver the means.

This cleaning technique will only work on the tarnish. It works through a chemical reaction between the baking soda, table salt, aluminum foil, and the chemicals that make up tarnish. Once the chemical reaction is done, it uses up the tarnish, removing it from the coin. However, if your silver coin has any dirt on it you will have to very gently scrub that away with a very soft toothbrush and hand soap or dish soap. However this is not recommended, as it can damage the coin.

For gold, you will want to be a bit more cautious. This is because gold is a very soft metal. A thick mixture of baking soda and water can be put on a soft toothbrush. Then, the toothbrush can be very softly used on the gold coin. After this, rinse the coins in water and set them somewhere to dry.

Be careful if you have a brilliant uncirculated coin or special collector coin etc. Using these cleaning techniques can DRASTICALLY lower the value of those coins. Please be gently with your coins, treat with kid gloves. Handle as little as possible.